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I am the designer and illustrator behind Cover Ever After.

I'm Lucy


books read in 2022. (lets go for 100 in 2023!)


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The Numbers:

I know trusting a designer to bring the cover of your book to life is a significant consideration, and it's not one I take lightly. I have Bachelor’s degrees in both Graphic Design & Marketing which help me create book covers that not only look pretty on your bookshelf, but also attract your target market and stand out in the crowd. My background before Cover Ever After is in start-ups and not-for-profits, so I’m well practiced in helping big dreams come true.

I’m most experienced in romantic comedies and contemporary romances, but I’ve also worked on women’s fiction, cosy mysteries, paranormal romance, non-fiction books and children's picture books. If you’d like to see some examples of my recent work head on over to my portfolio by clicking here

If you’re looking for a designer who’s genuinely excited about fonts, colours and layouts, has a Kindle streak of over a year, and uses way too many exclamation marks in her emails then you’re in the right place!

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and when I’m not designing book covers you’ll probably find me reading, painting or teaching my dog how to bring me my socks (okay – what I really mean is she steals them and then I chase her around the house. But same outcome, right?)

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